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The world's most complete energy monitoring & management system

Transforming the state of energy monitoring and management through one innovative product, Eniscope is a game-changer in the energy efficiency industry. Featuring simple hardware, intuitive software and an accessible API, Eniscope is an integrated solution for energy management across the Nordics.


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    Instantaneous data & instant savings

    Eniscope provides data by the second for your whole building portfolio, however large or geographically diverse. All the information you need is reached via a single cloud software platform.

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    Innovative, safe & simple hardware

    Taking on average under 3 hours to install, without any impact on operations, Eniscope is a fuss-free system with a 100% safety record. It may be small, but it provides big results. Download Brochure

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    Identify invisible energy waste and manage use

    Innovative features including automatic energy over-use alarms and systems remote controls via the wireless control modules allow you to avoid energy wastage on-site - from anywhere in the world.

End-to-end energy management

We offer an end-to-end package including the hardware and software required to effectively save energy and money.

The Hardware

At first glance, the small, compact appearance of Eniscope might lead you to underestimate the power it wields. However, looks can be deceiving. This smart system is small but powerful. It’s also pleasantly easy to use – simply plug in and within three hours, with minimal impact to workflow, it is integrated seamlessly into your systems. This along with its perfect record makes Eniscope a truly incredible product.

Eniscope is formed of eight three-phase metering points on each hub, and also offers connectivity for pulse and temperature inputs. It boasts wireless connectivity for IoT sensors and devices, allowing it to connect effortlessly with your existing systems. And, using its advanced API, it also works perfectly with any BMS or CAFM solutions.

Standalone wireless IoT sensors serve energy outputs including water, occupancy, gas and temperature, to ensure all the data you receive is placed perfectly in context for interpretation.

With an accuracy rating of better than 1%, it’s no surprise that facility and property managers all over the world are switching to the Eniscope model.

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    Simple and safe to install with no disruption

  • Asset 1

    8 x three-phase metering points

  • Asset 2

    Lightweight and compact at 235mm x 145mm x 60mm

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    Integral communications hub and server

  • Asset 3

    Better than 1% accuracy over it’s lifespan

  • Asset 6

    Wireless IoT sensors for pulse and temperature

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    External remote-control hub for fast access

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The Software

One of the features that makes Eniscope so special is that it allows users to inspect and interpret their energy usage data in real-time, remotely from anywhere in the world.

Using Eniscope Analysis and the advanced cloud system, you can also set up smart alarms to inform you of any unsustainable behaviours carried out onsite, whether you run one facility or a large portfolio of buildings.

Eniscope is one of just a handful of energy management solutions to offer energy monitoring, management and control in one cutting-edge package. No longer do you have to process incoherent information sources, Eniscope will do all the hard work for you!

The result of this is that Eniscope is also very scalable, handling hundreds of buildings at once, with all of this information analysed and reported through one simple platform which you can access on the move, even on your mobile app!

Plus, with our new range of wireless control modules, you can control what happens at your facility even when you’re not there. So if someone’s forgotten to turn a light off, you can do it for them – anywhere!

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    Single platform, multiple buildings

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    Mobile app for instant access

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    Remote control functionality

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    Several data sources, one dashboard

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    Real time data delivery

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    API for simple integration

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    Verify energy saving technologies

  • real time fault detection - mobile interface

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  • JL

    Head of Estate Management

    7-Eleven, Denmark

    "In 2015 we were introduced to the Eniscope system. It gave us the opportunity to monitor our energy consumption in a whole different way. I’ve never seen a system like it and I would recommend the Eniscope system to other companies – I’ve already recommended it internally to all seven of our countries."

  • Gretchen Saunders

    Chief Business Officer

    Hillsborough County Public Schools

    "To do more with that money, to have those savings and put them back into the schools? We're just generating our own money. In a heartbeat we would recommend it, I mean it's cutting-edge - it really is."

Public Displays

Eniscope also creates public displays of your energy management. This allows you to show off your environmental credentials to stakeholders, or demonstrate the results of energy saving behaviour to staff and tenants in real time, using custom-designed displays.

Whether you hope to secure a new partnership by showing off your energy efficiency profile, or increase awareness in order to encourage energy-conscious behaviours, our displays clearly communicate key performance metrics, targets and progress in a visual, digestible manner.

We can even integrate competitive features such as leader boards to give stakeholders an essential incentive to improve your carbon footprint – and bottom line.

public display mock

Public Displays

The perfect PR & CSR strategy

The Eniscope eco-system

Eniscope fosters a holistic approach to energy monitoring and management in one integrated eco-system.


Our end-to-end solution. For one building, or thousands.

From plugging in, to reporting savings, we’ll support you through each step of every process in the cloud.

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Connect your entire portfolio

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    Circuit/Device Level Energy Monitoring

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    Existing Energy Meters (Electric, Water, Oil, Gas)

  • ico-rev-3

    Wireless Internet of Things Sensors

  • ico-rev-4

    Wireless Remote Control Modules & Thermostats

  • ico-rev-5

    Energy Saving Tech (Lighting, AC, Motors)


Analyse in the cloud

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    Local Real-time Alarms and Displays

  • ico-rev-7

    Your App or Platform (Connected to our API)

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    Local Real-Time
    High-Res Data Feed

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    Your IoT


Display, report, target and save

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    Remote Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

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    Remote Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

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    Tennant Billing
    (Coming Soon)

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