A Pump Jack / Nodding Donkey Case Study | A Case Study

Measurement Device: Circutor AR5-L

The Pump Jack test was carried out on the Hebei Oil Field just south of Beijing China, there are a total of 250 000 Pump Jacks in china spread between the three main oil providers China Petrol / Sinopec / China Marine oil.

Brief Overview

The pumps operate 100% of the year, the only condition that will stop them working is a breakdown of a component. The Integra units operate in extreme conditions +40 in the summer to – 30 in the winter. Special applications have been developed to make sure the Pump Jack continues production no matter what. If the temperature remains extremely high for a long period of time the Integra bypasses itself and allows its heat sink to cool and restart automatically.

Saving results:

  • Current 28% Reduction
  • Power (kW) 15% Reduction
  • KVAR 54% Reduction
Pump Jack case study

Energy Efficient

This excess consumption is not only an unnecessary cost in your energy bill, but it also serves to damage your equipment as the excess energy is released through the windings of the motor in the form of heat, vibration and noise. Integra will give your motors intelligence through monitoring the load on the shaft of the motor for every cycle of the supply. The Integra will then feed your motors the electricity that they require to run efficiently at any point in the duty cycle.

Integra integrates fully with its surroundings and can even switch your motors off automatically when they are not being used, or use stored energy in certain applications (such as flywheel mechanisms) to reduce your electricity consumption even further.

motor energy reduction uae


There are a growing number of forward thinking executives and energy consultants who are taking their corporate responsibilities (CSR) very seriously. In an effort to target carbon reduction and increase their company profits, they have chosen us and our client’s energy saving solutions. These implementations were viewed as part of their own energy saving strategy and were driven by two other key factor, low risk and high return on investment (ROI).