Granulator Cumberland Case Study | A Case Study

Granulator Cumberland

Below we will provide information about ‘Granulator Cumberland’ and the results from an energy test on the machine. Test details:Type of Machine: Granulator, Manufacturer: Cumberland, Motor Size: 15kW, Motor Energy Rating: IE2, Operating Hours: 24/7, Type of Material: PET.

Brief Overview

The Integra unit was supplied through a clients partner, called Renmar Plastics Machinery Ltd to MassMould Ltd who manufacture plastics for the food industry.

The granulator recycles plastic bottle tops. The hopper is filled up manually and a small conveyor belt feeds the Granulator. The motor controller is fitted to the Granulator to save energy when granulating.

On the request of MassMould the Integra firmware was changed to monitor the feed though the granulator and also inform the operator using a visual signal when the hopper feed has run out. This is a good example of how our clients listen to their customers’ needs; this application was specifically developed for MassMould who wanted product going through this granulator constantly, the reasoning was ‘We want our investment to pay for itself’ The Integra motor controller is specially designed for Granulators and more
importantly does not change the speed of the motor. The way the controller saves the energy is by controlling voltage, Current and torque according to the motor shaft load.

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There are a growing number of forward thinking executives and energy consultants who are taking their corporate responsibilities (CSR) very seriously. In an effort to target carbon reduction and increase their company profits, they have chosen us and our client’s energy saving solutions. These implementations were viewed as part of their own energy saving strategy and were driven by two other key factor, low risk and high return on investment (ROI).

Test Conditions

Test conditions (off load):

  • Current 37% Reduction
  • Power (kW) 37% Reduction
  • KVAR 56% Reduction

Test conditions (on load):

  • Current 33% Reduction
  • Power (kW) 24% Reduction
  • KVAR 55% Reduction
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Energy Efficient

This excess consumption is not only an unnecessary cost in your energy bill, but it also serves to damage your equipment as the excess energy is released through the windings of the motor in the form of heat, vibration and noise. Integra will give your motors intelligence through monitoring the load on the shaft of the motor for every cycle of the supply. The Integra will then feed your motors the electricity that they require to run efficiently at any point in the duty cycle. Integra integrates fully with its surroundings and can even switch your motors off automatically when they are not being used, or use stored energy in certain applications (such as flywheel mechanisms) to reduce your electricity consumption even further.

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